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Controller Module
A Deloitte controller for a fixed price per month
Controller Module A Deloitte controller for a fixed price per month
What is the core activity of your organisation?

The structure of your organisation
How many shareholders does your organisation consist of?

How many legal entities does your organisation consist of?

Your yearly net turnover (in million euro)?

How many employees does your organisation have?

Are you legally required to be audited?



The Controller Module contains:

  • a regular controller at set times;

  • review financial accounts;

  • online management reports;

  • preparing VAT, personal income tax and corporate income tax returns;

  • preparing statutory financial statements and filing them with the Chamber of Commerce;

  • preparing credit reports (revision).


  • Your financial accounts are linked to ctrl.

  • You process the financial data in your accounts yourself.

  • Pension calculation is not included.

  • You observe the planning agreed.

  • Your regular controller will assist you with your accounts, but will not issue an auditor's report.

  • Your regular controller will prepare a simple personal income tax and corporate income tax return (tax advice is considered additional work).

  • Your digital file is ready, you will approve the statutory financial statements yourself, through ctrl by Deloitte, according to planning agreed.

  • Your organization is a Dutch entity.

  • The costs for third party services, such as Twinfield or Basecone, are not included.

  • You will approve official documents (such as tax returns) as offered to you through ctrl by Deloitte.

  • On the use of the ctrl website and the ctrl platform, the Conditions of Use ctrl by Deloitte are applicable.

  • All services by Deloitte are subject to the General Terms and Conditions for Deloitte Netherlands.

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